10. Live Streaming finals of all championship events – That’s right, we live streamed the finals of every APA Championship event this year for your viewing pleasure! You can view all of them on our YouTube Channel.

9. Poolplaying Leprechaun – Luck counts in lots of sports…including pool! In March, we unveiled Miley the Smiley Leprechaun who showed us just that.

8. Our Largest APA Junior Championships – In July, we held our largest Junior Championships to date! This event is one of our favorites and continues to grow year after year. View the 2017 Junior Championships event results by clicking here.

7. We Said Goodbye to Printed Membership Cards – 2017 saw the end of the printed membership card—don’t worry though, you have INSTANT access to your card through your Member Services account and/or the APA app! Claim/Login to Your Account Now! 

6. Bad Team Name Video – Ever wonder why certain team names aren’t allowed?! This new video helps encapsulate many of the reasons (trust us, watch this one)!

5. New APA App/Upgraded Member Services Site – Over the course of the year we upgraded the Member Services site, even adding an official APA app! You can download it for free in the app store on your phone by searching “pool league.”

4. Team Captains Championship added for 2018 – In late summer we announced the addition of a Team Captains Championship to the 2018 World Pool Championships! We’re looking forward to this exciting new event! Click here for more info! 

3. New World Pool Championships promo video – Over the summer we unveiled a brand new World Pool Championships promo video that we’re super proud of!

2. Dr. Cue inducted into the Hall of Fame – Our good friend Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman was inducted into the Billiard Hall of Fame in December. It was very well deserved and we couldn’t be happier for him!

1. Mosconi Cup Sponsorship – Team USA proudly wore the APA logo during the Mosconi Cup! Although they didn’t take home the win, there’s always next year.

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