10. Get some new gear for the new year! We’ve got hats, t-shirts, fleece blankets, commemorative cue balls and more! Buy Now!

9. Play on a Singles Board – There’s more than one way to make it to Vegas.

Champion: Joe Koltcz

8. Watch a Training Video – Dr. Cue, Mosconi Cup Champion Corey Deuel, we’ve got lots of tips to improve your game. Check them all out on YouTube channel by clicking here!

7. Don’t Foul on Ball-in-Hand – How does that happen!? View the rules materials by clicking here! 

6. Go Up in Skill Level – practice makes perfect after all!

5. Make It to Vegas – Poolplaying heaven?  Count me in! Click here for more info!

4. Miscue Less – Chalk more!

3. Captain a Team – Have you heard about our Team Captains tournament? Click here for more info!

2. Be a Better Sport – Win or Lose, be someone people enjoy being around.

1. Win More – because come on, who doesn’t like to win?

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