10. They save money on auto insurance, satellite TV, hotels, rental cars and much more with national discounts.

9. They have more friends! There’s a reason for the “Meet People” part of our motto—Have Fun. Meet People. Play Pool!

8. They get to hang with those friends, EVERY WEEK!

7. No matter how old they are, or what kind of shape they’re in, they can still play pool.

6. They get to use words like “rack” and “balls” and no one gives them a funny look.

5. They are part of a big pool family meaning they’ll never have to look too hard for a real estate agent, mechanic or any other service provider.

4. They have a competitive outlet.

3. They always have something fun to do: tournaments, team get-togethers, and even Vegas baby!

2. They have something to look forward to, which helps break up each work week.

1. They enjoy the best sport in the world!

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