Blue Tier (SLs 2-3)

1st Place – Ron Schippert of Las Vegas, NV
2nd Place – Frank Titus-Rogan of Springfield, VA
3rd Place – Crystal Hefferman of Cocoa, FL
3rd Place – Dennis Larson of Loranger, LA

Yellow Tier (SLs 4-5)

1st Place – Armando Leal of San Antonio, TX
2nd Place – Brian Holgate of Canby, OR
3rd Place – George Van Zandt of Metairie, LA
3rd Place – William Grubbs of Bluff City, TN

Purple Tier (SLs 6-7)

1st Place – Robert Hall of Huntsville, AL
2nd Place – William “BJ” Hastings of Baltimore, MD
3rd Place – Melinda Huang of Las Angles, CA
3rd Place – Dave Dreidel of Utica, NY

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