Green Tier (SLs 1- 3)

1st Place – Susan Cherkowsky of Lakeland, FL
2nd Place – Brenda Dumont of Wyandotte, MI
3rd Place – Michael Caballero of Bayonne, NJ
3rd Place – Yvonne McCrory of Huntsville, AL

White Tier (SLs 4-5)

1st Place – Karl Lavergne of Kenosha, WI
2nd Place – Joey Scalzi of Mrytle Beach, SC
3rd Place – Stacey Eason of Jonesboro, AR
3rd Place – Edward Conklin of Bayonne, NJ

Black Tier (SLs 6-9)

1st Place – Jose Garcia of San Antonio, TX
2nd Place – Jerry Lin of Northridge, CA
3rd Place – James Johnson of Utica, NY
3rd Place – Tim Carns of Jacksonville, FL

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