Green Tier (SLs 1-3)

1st Place – Michelle Templeton of Carbondale, IL
2nd Place – Robin Hicks of Terry, MS
3rd Place – Michelle Czarnecki of Urbandale, IA
3rd Place – Catherine Quinn of Manchester, NH

White Tier (SLs 4-5)

1st Place – René Maurice of Sudbury, ON
2nd Place – Mark Lyons of Central Islip, NY
3rd Place – Maximillian Zimin of Sacramento, CA
3rd Place – Cynthia Soll of Salem, OR

Black Tier (SLs 6-9)

1st Place – John Pasquarella of San Diego, CA
2nd Place – Matthew Walling of Ruffin, SC
3rd Place – Nicholas Williams of Macon, GA
3rd Place – Alan Schiller of Spring Hill, FL

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