2020-2021 8-Ball Classic

Blue Tier (SLs 2-3)

1st Place – Veronica Spero of Palm Harbor, FL
2nd Place – Trihona Givens of Minneapolis, MN
3rd Place – Shandi Larue of Oklahoma
3rd Place – Henry Baker of Tennessee

Yellow Tier (SL4)

1st Place – Jonathan Pavelsky of Anchorage, AK
2nd Place – Krish Brahmadesam of Clarksbury, MD
3rd Place – Alycia Garris of North Carolina
3rd Place – Javier Montalvo of Michigan

Red Tier (SL5)

1st Place – Allen Guerry of Corsicana, TX
2nd Place – Gregory Straube or Gassboro, NJ
3rd Place – Corey Rood of Illinois
3rd Place – Manuel Cruz of Texas

Orange Tier (SL6)

1st Place – Kajone Ky of Woodbridge, CT
2nd Place – Fabian Briceno of Lubbock, TX
3rd Place – Logan Lovelace of New York
3rd Place – Randy Blouin of North Carolina

Purple Tier (SL7)

1st Place – Ernesto Bayaua of Tomball, TX
2nd Place – Matthew Walling of Walterboro, SC
3rd Place – Marcelo Gutierrez of Florida
3rd Place – Douglas Youmans of New York

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