2020-2021 9-Ball Shootout

Green Tier (SLs 1-3)

1st Place – Joe Koltcz of Indianapolis, IN
2nd Place – Jerry Jones of Memphis, TN
3rd Place – Rebecca Sonnenberg of Michigan
3rd Place – Larissa Tawata of Nevada

White Tier (SLs 4-5)

1st Place – Matthew Smith of Bardstown, KY
2nd Place – Darlene Bartlett of Oak Lawn, IL
3rd Place – Jonathan Neman of South Carolina
3rd Place – Joseph Polk of South Carolina

Gray Tier (SLs 6-7)

1st Place – Kevin Grimes of Yorba Linda, CA
2nd Place – Jacob Fields of Swainsboro, GA
3rd Place – Genji Shiga of Washington
3rd Place – Greg Spath of New York

Black Tier (SLs 8-9)

1st Place – Brandon Ashcraft of Adrian, MI
2nd Place – Lucas Taylor of Colorado Springs, CO
3rd Place – Charles Thurnall II of Indiana
3rd Place – Julio Aquino of Florida

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