2023 9-Ball Shootout

Green Tier (SLs 1-3)

1st Place: Lauren Harris-Keeler of Sanford, FL
2nd Place: Anita Bottoms of Jupiter, FL
3rd Place: Kristy Reed-Perkins of Bakersfield, CA
3rd Place: Kyle Burger of Romeoville, IL

White Tier (SLs 4-5)

1st Place: Eugene Melocheck of Pine Grove, PA
2nd Place: Travis Parvin of Christopher, IL
3rd Place: Abdul Arab Sheik of Louisville, KY
3rd Place: Greg Allain of Sedalia, MO

Gray Tier (SLs 6-7)

1st Place: Greg Spath of Clifton Park, NY
2nd Place: Alec Cope of Boise, ID
3rd Place: Justin Witman of Birdsboro, PA
3rd Place: Russell Smith of Helena, AL

Black Tier (SLs 8-9)

1st Place: Gary Abood of Bossier City, LA
2nd Place: Jason Halpin of Roselle, NJ
3rd Place: Aaron Perry of Countryside, IL
3rd Place: Dalton Messer of Clyde, NC

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