129-dr-cue-2006Originally featured in the Fall 2002 edition of The American Poolplayer magazine.

A “Change” In Your Game!


CONFIDENCE FACTOR: 2 minutes per day for 3 days

SETUP/POSITION: Cue ball as diagramed and 2-ball/3-ball on top of coin wrappers. One quarter coin wrapper standard length, while other quarter coin wrapper cut to 2 3/4″ long. Note side view for placement as frozen object balls off table surface. Shoot cue ball under 2 balls on wrappers and make 1-ball placed on edge center of pocket TC. DOUBLE CHECK SETUP!

BALLS(S) POCKETED/OBJECTIVE: With a normal fundamental form shoot cue ball under 2-ball and 3-ball. Coin wrappers will fly out and (2) and (3) will drop to surface, carom off each other and 2-ball will go in TC plus 3-ball in BC. Cue ball makes 1-ball at (a) in TC first.

ADJUSTMENT ANALYSIS: The 1-ball is easy-make sure to aim slightly off center to allow cue ball to carom to right out of way for eventual 2-ball going in TC. If balls fall and seem to lose their carom force on the drop, make sure 3-ball is just touching 2-ball on set-up. If it is too far under by force or not close enough to 2-ball, try the wrapper/ball placement again. If balls dropping don’t go in pockets, check alignment of wrapper/ball setup as being straight between TC & BC. One other point is that new wrappers are a little stiff and surprise you sometimes; therefore, work with them by hand to “break them in”!
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