129-dr-cue-2006Originally featured in Spring 2003 edition of The American Poolplayer magazine.



2 minutes, 12 seconds per day for 3 days

SETUP/POSITION: Place 1-ball and 2-ball 2 inches apart and each ball 1/8-inch away from head cushion. Center near name plate or middle diamond of rail the entire setup. Cue ball over edge of two balls from above and head (eye) over cue ball aiming downward at ball edges. Body should be rock solid stance and head motionless, with hold on (c). DOUBLE CHECK SETUP!

BALLS(S) POCKETED/OBJECTIVE: With the thumb on one side of the cue ball and the index on the other, hold the cue ball over the two object balls below… 6-8 inches from cue ball. Sighting with eye over cue ball to balls below, drop cue ball and make (1) in TL and (2) in BL.

ADJUSTMENT ANALYSIS: A perfect drop is required in being successful on this challenge. If object balls hit cushion and bounce out missing pockets, move sighting and cue ball back slightly toward your body. If object balls hit side cushions #1 and #3 without hitting head cushion and therefore missing again, move head and sighting with cue ball out away from your body more. If one ball moves more quickly than the other or one moves and the other doesn’t, adjust right or left of the aim view from above. Try not to throw cue ball downward—just let go and drop cue ball. This a great little challenge for all. ENJOY!
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