Originally featured in the Summer 2005 edition of The American Poolplayer magazine.


Great Falls, Montana… Rock Springs, Wyoming… Pueblo, Colorado… North Platte, Nebraska… St. Charles, Missouri… Decatur, Illinois… Indianapolis, Indiana… King’s Island, Ohio… Valley Forge, Pennsylvania… Las Vegas, Nevada… New Orleans, Louisiana… Utica, New York… Bangor, Maine… Jacksonville, Florida… Houston, Texas… Los Angeles, California… Moscow, Russia… Kiev, Ukraine… Malaysia… Singapore… Barbados… The Bahamas… and on, and on, and on! Wherever “Dr. Cue” goes or, better said, wherever “Ms. Cue” sends him, I have discovered a recurring necessity in each show, tournament, clinic, and challenge match — adjustment, adjustment, and adjustment!

Adjustments for the speed of the table… adjustments for cushion rebound angles… adjustments for clean versus not-so-clean pool balls… adjustments for different cue and tip experiences… adjustments for a headache or muscle pain… adjustments for loose and tight racks… adjustments for opponent attitudes… adjustments for the weather (which seems to affect everything) and a myriad of adjustments for hundreds of other environmental, human, and billiard physical properties!

With all these considerations, it is a wonder that we ever play well. All is not lost, however. I remind you of five key elements for game success, to help each of you overcome most problematic situations and/or conditions that sometimes appear too overpowering. Learning the following golden nuggets of an enlightened game approach will surely take you to new heights, and give you an understanding of how to handle the little and big things that cause us to stagnate and question our abilities.

Many of you have studied these principles as a positive and growing APA League player— gaining insight via the vast locations we have taught at and shows we have performed over the years, and at specific venues at the APA national events in Las Vegas. Whenever and wherever we meet, please don’t hesitate to ask me specific or general questions on these important instructional keys to game success. In addition, my RACK UP A VICTORY book and videos will help you in your journey to playing excellence. For instructional/product information and/or show/clinic tour details please visit my website or email me: www.drcuepromotions.com; drcue@artisticpool.org

Study, practice, and adjust, until next time when …THE DOCTOR IS IN!
Solid structural mechanic tuning of fundamentals. The key is this miracle formula:
Straight Alignment + Straight Stroke = Shot Success.

Specific knowledge of the physics of pool—
in simplified terms.

Study of diamond systems—learning the dots on the rails—the easy way.

Regiment-like practice with continued conviction.

Application of total feeling to the game, with burning focus.


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