Originally featured in the Fall 2006 issue of The American Poolplayer magazine.

3 Balls, 3 Pockets & 3 Cushions!


CONFIDENCE FACTOR: 5 minutes, 48 seconds per day for 3 days

SETUP/POSITION: 1-ball slightly left and 1 inch out from pocket BC; 2-ball frozen to 1-ball and aim setup line for (1) – (2) is to left center of TC; 3-ball on center edge of pocket TR; Cue ball 1 diamond segment back of 2-ball and in a straight line with 2-ball as you stand behind it. Maintain good fundamental form! DOUBLE CHECK SETUP!

BALL(S) POCKETED/OBJECTIVE: Shoot cue ball (c) to aim point (a) on 2-ball. 1-ball will drop in BC, 2-ball will travel to BL and drop, and cue ball will travel to (r) on #1 cushion and make 2 more cushion contacts on head and #3 before making 3-ball in pocket TR.

ADJUSTMENT ANALYSIS: If 1-ball and/or 2-ball does not go in, recheck setup and adust as follows: a) setup line for (1) – (2) adjusted to right slightly if 2-ball hits too much of cushion #3, and to the left slightly if 2-ball hits head cushion. If cue ball does not make 3-ball in TR at (h), adjust toward TL with cue ball contact (r) by making a thinner hit on 2-ball or applying a fraction more english — this is of course, if cue ball hits cushion #2 after 3rd contact at #3 cushion. If cue ball hits foot cushion after kick, adjust to TC or make fuller hit on 2-ball. You might also try a little more high english, and less sidespin.
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