APA and Valley-Dynamo have reached an agreement to make Valley pool tables the “Official Table of APA.”

Valley pool tables have been used for many years at APA’s championship tournaments in Las Vegas and this agreement ensures those tables will continue to be used through 2021.

Valley-Dynamo and their vendor, High Country Promotions, have made significant investments in recent years to ensure that they are providing high-quality tables at APA’s championship events.  Those investments include updating High Country’s table inventory with more than 200 brand new tables featuring the new Valley-Dynamo “Competition Cushion Rail System” as well as upgrades to the cloth and pockets.

“As the world’s largest pool league, and the producer of the world’s largest pool tournaments, APA has worked diligently with Valley to improve and maintain the quality of the tables used at our events so that they meet the expectations of our members.  We believe this agreement ensures those expectations will continue to be met,” said APA President Renee Lyle.

“Valley-Dynamo is thrilled to continue its commitment to the APA and to its vast and loyal community of players with this partnership. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the APA and High Country Promotions to provide updated equipment which we hope will continue to provide high-quality events and experiences for the APA player,” said Valley-Dynamo Chief Operating Officer Nick Baron.

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