When did you join APA as a League Operator?

I became a League Operator in 1989.


Did you play in the League prior to becoming an LO? If so, why/how did you join APA as a player?

Yes, I played on an 8-Ball team.  I joined because a friend of mine was a member.


What made you decide to become an LO?

I was part owner of a local business and a young entrepreneur. I viewed being a League Operator and an opportunity for “additional income”, a part-time job.


Do you run the business by yourself or with other(s)?

For the first 10 years as a League Operator, I had a business partner.  And when I became sole owner in 1999, I no longer viewed this as a “part-time” job.  When it changed to a full-time position, I received “full-time” results.  The League grew exponentially.  I grabbed onto the marketing materials and my fellow League Operators and away I grew!


What is your favorite part of being a League Operator?

When I’m at a tournament/event and take time to pause and look around the room, I’m filled with gratitude that I’ve been given the gift of bringing people together who have a common interest in our sport.  My career is about pool but my focus is community and connecting people.


What is the hardest part of being a League Operator?

Nothing is “hard”; it’s all perspective.  When I’m faced with a difficult circumstance or customer, I simply put it in perspective and refocus on why I’m here.  Staying positive can be a challenge but when you have a positive attitude, I’m the one who benefits the most.



What motivates you?

No one thing or person can motivate me.  I’m self-motivated and it takes work.  I was once asked, “what is the key to your success?”  I replied, “I just get off my ass and go to work.”  It’s that simple to me.  My work ethics come from my strong family background.  My entire family is successful because we’ve never been afraid of work.  In addition, I spend every morning in “thought” and journal how I plan to tackle the day.


What advice would you give to other women aspiring to be business owners?

Go for it!  Fear is an illusion. The FEAR acronym has always been Face Everything And Rise!  You can do anything you set your mind to.

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