When did you join APA as a League Operator?

In 2004 I officially became a League Operator. Although I had worked in the Local League Office for a few years.


Did you play in the League prior to becoming an LO? If so, why/how did you join APA as a player?

I briefly played in the APA prior to becoming an LO. APA was a big part of my parent’s lives for many years. My parents started playing APA in the early 90’s and my father became the League Operator in the area shortly after.


What made you decide to become an LO?

My father passed away unexpectedly in May of 2004. I agreed to manage the area until our family decided what would happen with the League. Shortly after that year’s World Qualifier, I decided to purchase the League from the estate.


Do you run the business by yourself or with other(s)?

For the most part, I run the daily business by myself. I do have some help from time to time from family and League members. They sometimes help by being a courier for me or helping with the setup or tear down of events when needed.


What is your favorite part of being a League Operator?

My favorite part is the players. Players come from all walks of life and backgrounds. They come together to enjoy a sport they love. It’s amazing to see that little 7-year-old enjoy the game all the way up to the 80-year-old who still makes their way to League every week.


What is the hardest part of being a League Operator?

I don’t think anything is hard. It’s more of a mindset; overcoming any obstacles and planning ahead. If you plan ahead, things will naturally be much easier. If something odd is thrown your way, you learn from it asking yourself, “what occurred and what can I do differently moving forward.” Make some changes when needed, be willing to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and you will be golden.


What motivates you?

My family motivates me. The players motivate me. Seeing a player’s reaction the first time they win an award, all the way to the first time they step foot into the World Championships. It’s truly an honor to see this reaction and know I was part of it. To see a junior member win their first match and to see the juniors build a bond at the Junior Championships, are just some of the things that motivate me to bring the APA experience to others.


What advice would you give to other women aspiring to be business owners?

Go for it! Learn everything that you can, plan, and think ahead. Be willing to go with the flow when needed and you will be golden.

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