Zooligans from Broomfield, Colo., are very close friends who decided to form a Masters team to try to make it to Vegas.  Dan Sheftic, Kris Pipkin, Kathy Kiefer and Michael Krahl haven’t been playing together for long, but have known each other almost 8 years. Kathy is Michael’s aunt and manager of the Host Location they play out of, Zoosters Pool and Pub. When Dan was in a life threatening motorcycle accident almost a year ago, the four made it their mission to make it to Vegas.

“Our team is special because we are all so close,” Michael said. “Obviously with Kathy being family, we all feel like we are a family. That’s how our home bar is…one big family. We support each other in the things we do, even outside of playing pool. This trip is more special because we are here with our good friend Dan, who was almost killed in a motorcycle crash almost a year ago. He loves the game, and we all thought that this would be a great thing for all of us to do together now that he is back on his feet.”

Their expectations for Vegas were to just have fun and do their best in the tournament. Each member of the team has been to Vegas before for the National Team Championships, but they’re excited to be making the trip together to compete in the Masters Championship.

“We will do our best in the tournament, but as long as we have a good time, the outcome will be relatively minor in comparison,” Michael said. “We will know a lot of people out there so we just plan to have a good time, support our other friends who will be playing out there, taking in the amazing sights, and hanging out by the pool.”

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