Ray Miller from Baltimore, Md., has been in the United States Army for 5 ½ years. Currently, Ray is stationed in Fayetteville, Pa.; he was stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga., for his first three years. He was also deployed to Iraq for 15 months. Ray always wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps as a military man.

“Pool was one of the most relaxing aspects of the day when I was deployed,” Miller said. “It symbolized that the day was over and that everyone was there and everything was okay. Also, every night of pool meant one day closer to getting out of there.”

After returning from active duty, Ray joined an APA League with friends. He now plays in the League two nights a week—one night of 8-Ball and the other 9-Ball. He also plays two additional nights a week when out with the guys. What Ray enjoys most about the League is meeting and having fun with all the great, friendly people. It’s been about 12 years now since Ray began playing pool. He claims that at first he wasn’t too good at the game, but once he started to pay attention more, he realized he was quite good.

“I plan on being in the military for many years to come, and for just as many years I plan on staying in the APA to help develop my skills and meet as many good friends as I can,” Miller said.

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