2018 Junior Championships

APA is excited to announce that the 2018 Junior Championships will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Saint Louis, Mo.  The event is scheduled for July 5-8 in the hotel’s ballroom.  The Renaissance is conveniently located near Lambert St. Louis International Airport. The property was once home to the APA Championships prior to them being moved to Las Vegas.

The Junior Championships were held in Davenport, Iowa, since the event began in 2014.

The move will put the event in APA’s own backyard with their global headquarters also in the Saint Louis area.  It should provide easier access for event participants, particularly those traveling by plane.

“As the event has continued to grow, we’ve seen more and more players coming from all over the country to participate.  This should make it easier for them to attend.  Being just down the road from our office will also allow us to dedicate more time and resources to ensure another exceptional APA event,” said Bill Tufts, APA’s Director of Tournament Productions.

The move to the Renaissance will also allow participants to stay onsite at the venue, something that wasn’t possible in Davenport.

“We think most of the participants will want to stay under the same roof to be closer to the action and enjoy the amenities the Renaissance offers,” said Tufts.

Those amenities include an indoor and outdoor pool, onsite restaurant and easy access to great Saint Louis attractions like the Saint Louis Zoo, City Museum and the Magic House.

“Davenport was a great home for us, but overall, we believe this move will help elevate the tournament experience for the attendees both on and off the table,” said Tufts.

For more info on Junior Championships, visit https://poolplayers.com/junior-championships/.

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