Have Fun. Meet People. Play Pool. That’s what APA is all about! We constantly hear stories of APA members meeting and falling in love. Here are just a few of those amazing stories! If you’d like to read more of them, click here to check them out on our Facebook page! 

Chayla Maxwell & Christopher Wiseman

My fiancé and I met in January 2018 when I decided to go from playing three nights a week to two. Then, two people on my best friend’s team quit and they needed a skill level 5, so I joined. THAT night I met my fiancé. He was the Captain of the opposing team out of Shamrock in Portland, Ore. He asked to buy me a drink and asked for my number…the rest is history. He proposed to me in November 2019 at the Chinook Winds tournament; had it set up to be on the TV table and called a time-out to ask ❤️ We now have a 10-month-old baby girl and are expecting a boy in May.

Submitted by Chayla Maxwell, Milwaukie, OR

Kevin & Karen Blodgett

After becoming a widow I joined our local pool league to get out of the house and integrate back into society. The Team Captain of the pool team was an extremely handsome gentleman who swept me off my feet. On June 1, 2019, we made it legal and now he and I play on pool teams four nights a week. We definitely owe some of the credit to the APA 🎱❤️

Submitted by Karen Blodgett, Lake Oswego, OR

Tim Chambers & Lauryn Morgan

I Met Tim while practicing after league in March of 2015. We quickly became friends and by August were “Facebook Official”. It’s been 4 ½ years and we have so many amazing memories together. We have 13 sessions, eight playoff appearances, and five finals appearances all ending in 1st Place trophies. In four years we’ve made six World Qualifier appearances, four finals appearances, and have finished in 1st and won a trip to Vegas three of the four years. In 2019 we also won our Team Captains Tournament giving us two shared teams in Vegas that year. And, those are just the APA memories!!!

We closed on our dream house in Oct 2017. We got our first puppy in December 2017 and welcomed our son into the world in March of 2018. We added another puppy to the pack in May 2019. We’ve made friendships that I cannot imagine my life without now. We have so much and it all started with a game of pool. Because of our skill levels, we can’t play in any APA doubles tournaments together. But, this “Jill” has definitely found her “Jack” partner in life! 🤗🎱🥰

Submitted by Lauryn Morgan, Montgomery, AL

Micah & Nicole Netherland

My husband, James Micah Netherland, and I met at a local APA tournament in 2005 when he found out I was his replacement on a team he got kicked off of. So, he had to know who I was. We had a good conversation and immediately clicked, then he shared his phone number with me. I called him when I was heading to Vegas for an APA tournament in 2005. He was so encouraging that we made plans for when I got home. Ever since our first date, we have been inseparable.

Micah and I married in 2006. We’ve now been married for almost 14 years because of meeting in APA and we haven’t taken a single session off. We can’t play in tournaments together anymore because we have both improved our games. Now we are helping other players learn and grow their games on and off our teams for as long as I can remember. We both love APA and everything we do so much for the league because we enjoy it and want to share our enthusiasm with others. Have Fun, Meet People, Play Pool 🎱💙🎱 .

Submitted by Nicole Netherland, Cheshire, CT

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