Given their love for the game of pool, perhaps it should have come as no surprise to Keith and Courtney O’Dell of Sharon Spring, N.Y., that their son, Keith Jr., would one day pick up a pool cue. They probably just didn’t expect that it’d be so soon!

Not only has 23-month-old Keith Jr. picked up a cue, but he’s pocketing balls left and right! Keith Jr. was recently featured in a segment on CNN for his amazing knack at pocketing balls.

APA League play is a family affair for the O’Dells, who had their first date in a pool hall. Keith plays both 8-Ball and 9-Ball and is rated a Skill Level 5 and 6 respectively. Courtney plays on the 9-Ball team Keith captains and is rated a Skill Level 5. It might not be long before Keith Jr. joins the team as well.

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