129-dr-cue-2006Originally featured in the Spring 2003 edition of The American Poolplayer magazine.



2 minutes, 24 seconds per day for 3 days

SETUP/POSITION: 1-ball as diagrammed; Cue ball 4 inches from the 1-ball and placed so that it is aimed (a) at 1/3 of the 1-ball straight on line. The 2-ball is set straight in line with the cue ball on the TC-BC center line. The 2-ball is also 4 inches from the 1-ball. Maintain sound fundamental form and concentrate. DOUBLE CHECK SETUP!

BALLS(S) POCKETED/OBJECTIVE: Hitting cue ball at aim point (a) on
1-ball, the 1-ball goes left and the cue ball deflects to the right, leaving an open path for the cue stick to follow through to the 2-ball. The cue actually contacts the 2-ball for its make at TC!

ADJUSTMENT ANALYSIS: When striking the cue ball, if the contacted 1-ball hits the 2-ball, then your aim was faulty—adjust to the right slightly. If the 1-ball contacts the 2-ball again, you may not have the four inch spacing needed to be successful. Assuming all goes well with the cue ball and 1-ball getting out of the way and the 2-ball doesn’t move, extend more on follow-through. If you hit the 2-ball, but miscue off it or make a non-straight hit, then firm up that bridge! Raise your cue immediately and prepare to “move” out of town as you have just done the unthinkable. WARNING: FOR TRICK SHOT PURPOSES ONLY!

Straight follow-through cue extension causes cue tip to contact 2-ball! After contact with 2-ball immediately raise cue in air.

Closed bridge 4-6 inches from cue ball. Move grip back 6-8 inches from normal hand position.
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