Christina and Mark Carter are playing in the Jack & Jill Championship. The couple named their team Carterface because Mark enjoys action movies and, in particular, Scarface. When at a local Jack & Jill qualifier, they were asked what their team name was and Christina came up with the name on the fly.

The husband and wife team from Danville, Ill., began playing together about 3 years ago. Mark’s team needed a lower skilled player, so they recruited Christina for the team. Mark has been playing in the APA for around 7 years; he joined APA to make it to the big event in Las Vegas! In 2009, Mark traveled to the National Team Championships to compete in the 8-Ball and 9-Ball National Championships. In 2012, the couple traveled to the APA National Championships on their own dime to compete in MiniMania events.  While in Vegas, the couple also got married! They are very excited to be competing as a team this time around.

“Winning a local qualifier the day before wife’s birthday was a nice birthday present and returning on our 1 year is even cooler,” Mark said.

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