At just 19 years old, Candy Cover of Carterville, Ill., qualified for the 9-Ball Shootout White Tier. Pool is no new sport to her though—she’s been playing since the young age of 9. Her parents really inspired her to start playing; they purchased a bar in 2002 and Candy spent lots of time watching everyone play.

“Once I began playing and got interested in learning more, everyone jumped in to help me and I have loved playing ever since,” Cover said.

Her parents have played in the APA for 11 years and Candy couldn’t wait to turn 18 to be able to join their team. Now, Candy spends all of her free time playing pool; she even hopes to make a career of it someday. She always enjoys meeting and playing new people, and the National Singles Championships are the ideal opportunity for her to do that.

“I hope for the tournament to be a challenge for me,” Cover said. “All I can do is wish everyone luck and play to the best of my ability and see where it goes from there. I would like to go further with my career in playing pool, and I think this will help me decide on what I need to work on in going the right direction.”

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