The entire Northeast Georgia APA community was deeply saddened when Evan Andrew Lilly was tragically killed on Nov. 8, 2012.  Evan served as the Athens, Ga., Division Representative and earned the honor of Division Representative of the Year in 2011 and 2012. Evan was tireless in his commitment to the local division and epitomized the tenets of the APA. He was always encouraging, demonstrated good sportsmanship and encouraged everyone to have fun and enjoy the competitive spirit. Evan died doing what he always did in life, helping someone out. He stopped on a busy Athens roadway late at night to assist a disabled motorist and was struck by a car. He is the reason that many people play in the APA. Evan was a warm, wonderful, and generous spirit who the entire APA community of Northeast Georgia was honored to have called a friend. Evan’s legacy will live on in our hearts and memory. The two teams that he served as captain of continue on. His teammates are dedicated to bringing home a national championship trophy to add to Evan’s trophy collection.  Evan is pictured with Northeast Georgia League Operator Joe Kirkland.

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