Tate L. Neilson, an Electrical Engineer from St. Louis Mo.,  died in October 2013.  He played in the APA for 7 years, two nights a week, at The Cue–where a private memorial/remembrance gathering was held with family and friends.  The Cue owner Jeremy Mealey was one of several speakers remarking, “Pool is a game that is so difficult that it could take a lifetime to master. Even the greatest players in the world will always say they have more to learn and I believe that’s what attracted Tate to the game.  He came in with a very limited knowledge of the game but was determined to become the best player he could.  Tirelessly working to become capable of doing all the things that are required to be great. Whether he was trying to keep people out of his desk, working on pulsed powered engineering, or working on the game of pool, Tate had to find the solution. He was always searching for knowledge of the game but never forgot to slow down a bit to help others who were on the same quest as him. It wouldn’t be possible for me to count the times that I would look a couple pool tables down and see him sharing his knowledge, tips and tricks with others.  With someone so kind, generous and helpful, its no wonder he became friends with so many people here. Tate, you are missed, loved and you will never be forgotten.”

Tate and his team, Übermensch, represented St. Louis at the US National Tournament in Las Vegas in 2011.

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