Family duo Henry Placker and Phyllis Placker from Oklahoma City, Okla., are competing in the Jack & Jill Championship. Phyllis is Henry’s aunt. The two began playing together about two years ago. Henry started playing APA in 2003, and he convinced Phyllis to start playing in 2011. While Henry competed in the 2012 8-Ball Doubles Championship at the National Team Championships, this is Phyllis’s first time competing in Vegas. Having competed in Vegas before helped Henry be better prepared, as well as Henry being able to prepare Phyllis for the national tournament experience. They named their team Double Barrel.

The two were very surprised to win their local qualifier, as Phyllis was very sick that day. Since she was so sick, they never expected to win, so they were ecstatic when they earned the trip to Vegas. They love the game and are very dedicated to it. Working hard and practicing often no matter what are the key to them playing well together. No matter what, they always put in 100 percent.

Their entire family enjoys playing pool at family functions. Phyllis’s brother (Henry’s father) owns a bar, so whenever the family gets together at his location, they are sure to play pool.  It’s truly a family affair!

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