Several more APA Leagues have resumed play as their state and local governments have eased stay-at-home orders and other restrictions.

Several leagues in South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and Alaska have restarted play. The majority of APA members in those areas have been eager and excited to get back to playing!

When your APA League will return depends on both local and state regulations.  Once local and state guidelines allow for the return of League play, your APA League Operator(s), in conjunction with APA Host Locations in your area, will determine when League play will resume.

League Operators continue to work with APA Host Locations to encourage them to take precautions to keep the environment as sanitary as possible. They’re also asking League members to follow certain recommendations such as staying home if you’re not feeling well, thoroughly washing hands before and after each individual match, and discontinuing customary handshakes in favor of non-contact forms of showing sportsmanship such as a verbal acknowledgement.

We appreciate your patience and understanding that it will take longer for League play to resume in some areas of the country, however, eventually, we’ll all get back to playing this game we love.

#APAStrong #InItTogether

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