Angela Horan of Venice, Fla., has quite the inspirational story! She began playing APA in 2015 after her boyfriend, who had been a longtime APA player, convinced her to join. Despite the fact that she had to wear a “backpack” because she was in need of heart transplant, Angela excitedly joined. Many people didn’t realize that backpack was helping pump her heart.

“Angela lives each day to its fullest, and includes the game of billiards on this list,” Nina Myers, Manasota APA League Operator said. “She’s a prime example of keeping a positive attitude whether it’s during a game of pool or life itself. She’s always managed to keep a smile on her face no matter what.”

In December 2015, Angela successfully received her heart transplant. After recovering at home for a few weeks, Angela played her first match backpack-free with her new heart in January!

“After her heart transplant, which our entire League prayed for, the first thing she wanted to do was get out on League night and play some pool!!!” Myers said. “We are so thankful for having Angela and her positive spirit in our League.”

She’s a mother to three children and according to players in her local League, she’s one of the most adored players in the area. The only times she ever missed a match was if she was hospitalized or traveling. She’s always there to support her team!

“Seeing first-hand the ups and downs of a transplant recipient living day to day awaiting to get ‘the call,’ I encourage everyone to become a transplant donor.  It’s not only one life you are saving, but their entire family,” Myers said.

Angela – you are amazing!

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