Sue Okowita and Randy Barton from Ontario have known each other for about 30 years now. As a child, Sue was best friends with Randy’s sister. For over 25 years, Sue lost touch with the family though. Once Sue started playing CPA, one evening she started talking to a gentleman named Randy. They talked about where they grew up and realized they lived on the same street, then Randy mentioned his sister and it hit them both who the other was!

Randy asked Sue to play in a Jack & Jill tournament with him and the rest is history! Sue hadn’t been to Vegas before in her 12-year CPA career, so she was up for the challenge. The two complemented each other very well in the games and won the tournament.

“We complement each other,” Sue said. “We don’t criticize each other’s shot.  We learn from each other.  If I do something incorrectly Randy will say you me, ‘the other way you could have played that shot is…’ He never makes a condescending comment to me and I don’t to him.  We work through our mistakes and we don’t get angry with each other.”

Randy has been playing in the CPA for about 30 years; he was one of the very first members to join in his area. He still plays on five different teams. It took him 27 years of playing in the League before finally making it to Vegas. He’s now competed in the National Singles Championship, 8-Ball Open National Team Championship, 8-Ball Doubles Championship and now the Jack & Jill Championship with Sue.

On the to-do list for Sue when she returns from Vegas is reconnecting with Randy’s sister. They both will continue to play CPA several times a week, as they love the people you meet while playing.

“I have met friends for the last 13 years and I have kept in touch with a lot of them,” Sue said. “I also enjoy the competition.  It challenges you when you play a 6 or 7 and you are also challenged when you play a 2 or 3.  You never know where the ball will end up.”

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