Frank and Kelly Quattlebaum from Kennesaw, Ga., both qualified for the 2013 9-Ball Shootout. The husband and wife duo are very excited to be competing in the National Singles Championships together. Frank previously qualified two years ago and placed 17th in the tournament, however, this is Kelly’s first time qualifying for an APA national event. Every day for the past three months, Kelly continued to wear out the cloth on their home pool table practicing for the Championships.

The two began playing APA in 2009. While Frank has been playing pool since he was just 7 years old, Kelly started with the sport when she joined APA.  They love the competition of APA, as well as playing in the tournaments. Kelly is Team Captain of their 8-Ball team, while Frank captains their 9-Ball team.

“I have such a wonderful wife,” Frank said. “Because of the APA we have come to know and spend time with some of the best players in the world.”

Frank is competing in the Black Tier (SLs 6-9), while Kelly is competing in the White Tier (SLs 4-5). They both hope to win, but are also looking to have fun and improve their game.

“Having competed in Vegas before helped me learn how to handle pressure, stress, excitement and other situations much better and I have passed this information onto Kelly as well,” Frank said.


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