Sandy MacIntyre of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, received raving reviews from both her teammates and League Operator for being an amazing person! She also plays an active role in the success of the Guelph CPA. She’s captain of three teams and a Division Representative for one of the Ladies Divisions.

Sandy has excelled at building teams that are both competitive and fun.  She’s never afraid to suggest that a player might be better suited on another team if they’re too competitive for her liking. She also has no problem running a team of lower skilled players knowing they will improve and become competitive over time.

“Sandy has a positive influence on anyone she comes in contact with,” Guelph CPA League Operator Gord Fessenden said.  “She’s very well respected as a Division Rep, Team Captain and player and is also a great ambassador of the CPA.”

According to her teammate, Angie Caissie, Sandy always has a smile on her face! Although the core of their team stays together, Sandy is always willing to take on new players. She doesn’t care if they’re a skill level 7 or if they’ve never held a cue…if there is room on their team, and your handicap fits, you’re in. If anyone ever needs help with anything at all, Sandy is always right there.

“We’ve been at the top of our League, and we’ve been at the bottom of our League, but no matter where we are in the standings we all know that Sandy is standing beside us smiling and being the best captain anyone can ask for,” Angie said.

Sandy has been the driving force behind the League’s growth in the Kitchener area. She recruited enough players to get a Ladies Division off the ground and she’s constantly talking to ladies, bringing in players and building the division.

“When she’s not running her restaurant and excelling at the customer service that industry requires,  Sandy is a very strong recruiter of new players for our League,” Gord said. “It doesn’t matter if her own teams need players, she will actively recruit to help fill teams in any division on any night of play.”

At Higher Level Tournaments you can find Sandy cheering on other teams when she’s not playing.  When her team is playing it’s tough to figure out how her team is doing because she acts the same way, ahead or behind, win or lose.

“I’m proud to have Sandy as a member of my League.  She’s a great person and a class act all the way around!” Gord said.

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