Blue Tier (SLs 2-3)

1st Place – Taplia Renfrow of Atlanta, IL
2nd Place – Jared Bellino of Lake Charles, LA
3rd Place – Lori Hollis of Colorado Springs, CO
3rd Place – Robin Hanson of Timmonsville, SC

Yellow Tier (SL4)

1st Place – Benjamin Almazan of Chicago, IL
2nd Place – Matthew Soderlund of Westerville, OH
3rd Place – Edgar Giribaldo of Stamford, CT
3rd Place – Anthony Hoang of Ontario

Red Tier (SL5)

1st Place – Jimmy James of Baltimore, MD
2nd Place – Mark Cable of Somerville, NJ
3rd Place – Ward Scott of Raleigh, NC
3rd Place – Dan Waterman of Cincinnati, OH

Orange Tier (SL6)

1st Place – Kevin Grimes of Yorba Linda, CA
2nd Place – Wayne Galloway of Yazoo City, MS
3rd Place – George King of Ajax, ON
3rd Place – Doyle Smith of Mendenhall, MS

Purple Tier (SL7)

1st Place – Daniel McKenney of Petal, MS
2nd Place – William Gallagher, Jr. of Atco, NJ
3rd Place – Levis David Zecena Lucebo of Silver Spring, MD
3rd Place – David Weaver of Tulsa, OK

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