Blue Tier (SLs 2-3)

1st Place – Blair Dickerson of Lubbock, TX
2nd Place – Tiffany Jones of Bakersfield, CA
3rd Place – Amanda Wills of Opolousas, LA
3rd Place – Angela Roskopf of Oak Lawn, IL

Yellow Tier (SL4)

1st Place – Lena Dommes of San Antonio, TX
2nd Place – Kathryn Miller of Spanish Fort, AL
3rd Place – Stephanie Norman of Covington, LA
3rd Place – Tony Druggett of St. John’s, Newfoundland

Red Tier (SL5)

1st Place – Dave Supe of Harrison, OH
2nd Place – Bradley Greer of Essex, MO
3rd Place – Jack Wong of Scarborough, Ontario
3rd Place – Harry Terpstra of Guelph, Ontario

Orange Tier (SL6)

1st Place – Joe Gotch of Hillside, IL
2nd Place – Josh Norris of Oklahoma City, OK
3rd Place – Lee Thomas Jacques of Owen Sound, Ontario
3rd Place – Colton Hays of East Bernard, TX

Purple Tier (SL7)

1st Place – Ernesto Bayaua of Tomball, TX
2nd Place – Aaron Greenwood of Baldwinsville, NY
3rd Place – Henry Lindsey of Campbell, OH
3rd Place – Mario Herevia of Toledo, OH

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