2023 8-Ball Classic

Blue Tier (SLs 2-3)

1st Place: Jennifer Slifer of Phoenixville, PA
2nd Place: Carrie Schulz of Apopka, FL
3rd Place: Annette Beckman of Citrus Heights, CA
3rd Place: Brittany Sudsbury of Bakersfield, CA

Yellow Tier (SL4)

1st Place: Michelle Diaz of Hollywood, FL
2nd Place: Michael Prebish of Pittston, PA
3rd Place: Douglas Imamura of Bakersfield, CA
3rd Place: George Parsons of Largo, FL

Red Tier (SL5)

1st Place: Jonathan Neman of Wilmington, NC
2nd Place: Christian Nakpil of Largo, FL
3rd Place: George Johnston of Philadelphia, PA
3rd Place: John Stock of Scottsdale, AZ

Orange Tier (SL6)

1st Place: Joshua Manuel of West Covina, CA
2nd Place: Anthony Lewis of Montgomery, IL
3rd Place: Benjamin Gallagher of Bernville, PA
3rd Place: Joshua Barker of Roxboro, NC

Purple Tier (SL7)

1st Place: Darryl Davis of Raeford, NC
2nd Place: Bob Hendrix of Zeeland, MI
3rd Place: Eric Naretto of Pontiac, IL
3rd Place: Jimmy McGowan of New Albany, IN

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