129-dr-cue-2006Originally featured in the Spring 2005 edition of The American Poolplayer magazine.

Ball In Hand “Shortcut!”


CONFIDENCE FACTOR: 4 minutes, 36 seconds per day for 3 days

SETUP/POSITION: Place 8-ball on foot spot; Freeze 9-ball to (8) toward foot cushion side and straight in line with 8-ball as though you are spotting 2 balls one behind the other. With cue ball-in-hand due to a scratch or foul situation, place cue ball straight in line with 8-ball as we look at diagram and as close as possible to (8) without touching it. DOUBLE CHECK SETUP!

BALL(S) POCKETED/OBJECTIVE: With the elevated cue stick, shoot (snap) the cue ball (c) and use (a) as an aiming aid for the shot. (a) is exactly opposite the 9-ball as diagramed. The cue ball will hit the 8-ball causing the (9) to shift slightly, then carom (9) to TR!!!

ADJUSTMENT ANALYSIS: If 9-ball does not reach pocket TR properly adjust as follows: a) if 9-ball hits cushion #2 first, move aim to left slightly, or b) if 9-ball hits cushion at foot first, move aim to right slightly. If 9-ball never reaches pocket or either cushion, increase speed of snap. Maintain elevation so that foul or double-kiss does not occur. This shot should be refereed, as some tournaments allow it and others don’t. I believe it is a good shot if cue elevation is increased to minimum of 45 degrees, and cue stick follow-through is a snap and not a push!
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