Originally featured in the Spring 2005 edition of The American Poolplayer magazine.

“I Think I’ll Transfer!”


CONFIDENCE FACTOR: 4 minutes, 48 seconds per day for 3 days

SETUP/POSITION: Place cue ball (c) on center spot of table; 2-ball on center edge of pocket TC and 1-ball 12 inches from 2-ball, and on the straight line created by the cue ball and 2-ball. Good form and perfectly square hit on 1-ball required. DOUBLE CHECK SETUP!

BALL(S) POCKETED/OBJECTIVE: Shoot cue ball with maximum draw to target aim (a1) and additional aim target (a2), which is where the 1-ball must contact the 2-ball to not only make it, but also be made itself. With success both 1-ball and 2-ball will drop in pocket TC.

ADJUSTMENT ANALYSIS: If 1-ball angles off right or left after contact with 2-ball, the hit at (a2) was not square enough. Adjust (a1) aim accordingly to achieve desired contact to 2-ball. If hit is square, but
1-ball does not follow 2-ball into pocket TC, then low hit on cue ball was insufficient or not stroked smoothly enough. Center alignment of cue stick in relation to shot and all balls in setup is critical. This principle is very helpful in many competitive situations!

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