The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were held April 27th with three new champions being crowned.

In the finals of the Blue Tier (SL 2-3), Faith Rubin of Fayetteville, N.C., defeated Joe Fickett of Chicago Ridge, Ill.

In the finals of the Yellow Tier (SL 4), Steven Davis of Minneapolis, Minn., defeated Clayton Fulcher of Loganville, Ga.

In the finals of the Red Tier (SL 5), David Templeton of Jackson, Mo., defeated Wilson Chung of South San Francisco, Calif.

In the finals of the Purple Tier (SL 6-7), Dustin Gunia of Omaha, Neb., defeated Nathan Moore of Warren, Mich.

Each of the three champions took home a $15,000 prize package, while the Runners-up received a prize package worth $9,000. This year 489 players competed in the 8-Ball Classic.

Final Standings

1st Place

Blue Tier
Faith Rubin of Fayetteville, NC
8b1-rubin-a 8b1-rubin-b


 Yellow Tier
Steven Davis of Minneapolis, MN
8y1-davis-a 8y1-davis-b


 Red Tier
David Templeton of Jackson, MO
8r1-templeton-a 8r1-templeton-b


Purple Tier
Dustin Gunia of Omaha, NE
8p1-gunia-a 8p1-gunia-b


2nd Place

Blue Tier
Joe Fickett of Chicago Ridge, IL
8b2-fickett-a 8b2-fickett-b


Yellow Tier
Clayton Fulcher of Loganville, GA
8y2-fulcher-a 8y2-fulcher-b


Red Tier
Wilson Chung of South San Francisco, CA
8r2-chung-a 8r2-chung-b


Purple Tier
Nathan Moore of Warren, MI
8p2-more-a 8p2-more-b


3rd Place

Blue Tier
Freida Swain of Lapeer, MI
Summer Turner of St. Augustine, FL


Yellow Tier
John Falco of Benton, AR
Douglas Moe of Easton, CT


Red Tier
Matthew Witschonke of Seattle, WA
Charles Swan of Pickering, ON


Purple Tier
Ever Valasques of Hyattsville, MO
John Scudder of Portland, OR
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