On Dec. 20, 2015, APA of Palm Beach County held their 2nd annual holiday charity event. It took place at Johnny Q’s Restaurant and Sports Lounge in Palm Springs, Fla.

With the assistance of the Host Location owners and billiard supply stores they were able to put together some great gift baskets for raffles. The baskets included an assortment of items including restaurant gift cards, pool cues, fishing rods, bingo gift cards, hair salon gift cards, golf and more! A lottery also took place where over $1,000 was raised.

They ran Bank for Bucks where several denominations of money ranging from $1-$50 were placed on the pool table. Then, every member who wanted to give it shot paid $1 per try. The cue ball had to start anywhere behind the headstring and then must hit three different rails. Whatever bill the cue ball landed on, the player got to keep. The one $50 bill was landed on three different times. APA members even began to put their own money on the table when the game was winding down. Over $700 was raised!

“To this day I still have my players telling me how much fun they had doing Bank for Bucks!” said Eric Aiken, APA of Palm Beach County League Operator.

After personal donations from members, raffles, and Bank for Bucks, $6,200 was raised for Freedom Waters Foundation! They are a local charity that helps Veterans and children with illnesses.

“It was an absolutely amazing event!!! We got so much help and donations for a good cause from APA members and even non-APA members,” said Aiken. “It was a community coming together for a great charity, Freedom Waters Foundation! Also to give credit where credit is due, this wouldn’t have been done without my wife, Kim. She was the only reason this event even got started!  Also, a big thank you to Johnny Q’S Restaurant and Sports Lounge for their generosity in letting us hold this event in their establishment.”

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