Lisa Aufderheide of Mount Vernon, Wash., has been a huge asset to the Snohomish County APA! She’s had a love for pool her whole life and has always gone above and beyond to support the League.

“Lisa’s support, recruitment abilities and team leadership are at an exceptional standard,” said Andrea Maes, Snohomish County APA League Operator. “She truly rises to the occasion with communicating to new and/or prospective players about the wonderful world of APA!”

Lisa has been playing pool her entire life. She grew up in Montana where her parents took her to local taverns where she’d play pool with her dad. Although they had a tumultuous relationship, they could always get along and have fun when playing pool together. At age 18, Lisa moved to California. There, her first choice for entertainment was the local pool hall, where she ended up meeting her husband, who was also a poolplayer. After giving birth to her first child she gave up pool for 16 years.

After picking up her cue again in 2001, a group of women invited her to play in a women’s APA League. Once she started, she never went back! She earned her first trip to Vegas with that group of women, although she wasn’t able to make the trip.

In June of 2006, Lisa moved to Washington. The first thing she did was contact the Local APA League Operator! She’s now been playing on Sunday nights for 10 years. The first time she qualified for Vegas was in 2007 for the doubles event, then returned in 2012 and 2014 for the 9-Ball National Team Championship (now called World Pool Championship). Lisa said she feels extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to go to a Championship on multiple occasions.

“The very best part of playing APA is the friendships that I have made over the years,” Lisa said. “I look forward to League every week. I enjoy spending time with my team and always look forward to whichever team we are playing against for friendly and competitive competition.”

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