After playing pool from 1993-97, Jeffrey Woods of Jefferson, Ga. decided to take a break to spend time with his family and coach sports with his sons. About 3 years ago, Jeffrey decided to take up the sport again since his children are older and has been playing ever since. Another reason he got back into playing is because his grandmother told him not to quit until he made it to Vegas. She passed away about 18 years ago and Jeffrey has made it his mission since.

“I competed in the 2012 8-Ball Classic, as well as the 2012 9-Ball Doubles Championship,” Woods said. “I didn’t do as well as I would have liked at Singles, but my partner Kevin Duncan and I placed 7th in the 9-Ball Doubles Championship. It helps that I’ve been to Vegas before because now I know where we are shooting and what’s going on.”

Jeffrey is competing in the 8-Ball Classic Red Tier. He hopes to win, but his goal is to just do his best in the tournament and see what happens. In addition to the tournament action, Jeffrey plans to do some shopping for his sons.

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