How long were you an APA member before you decided to become a League Operator?

I played in the APA for about three years before the opportunity presented itself. It was a couple more years after that before I finally made the right decision to purchase this franchise.  In the meantime, I played in other leagues and even ran my own for a couple of years, but it just wasn’t APA.

What made you decide to look into becoming a League Operator?

I was running an in-house league for a local pool room when the owner told me I should be running APA Leagues. He even called APA and gave them my name and number. The next day someone from the APA called me.  After checking into it, I found out how easy and affordable it is and jumped on the opportunity to have my own business!

Did you relocate?

No, the area I lived in did not have APA at the time, so I purchased that franchise—it couldn’t have been easier!

What’s the process of becoming a League Operator?

I’m sure it has changed since I became a League Operator 17 years ago. The basic process is the same; you need to submit an application, interview with the APA to make sure it’s a good fit, talk to a few League Operators on the phone and attend a week of training in St. Louis after being approved.  I think the whole process from the first phone call to having teams playing in weekly League was less than two months!

Briefly describe life as a League Operator.

I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people including APA members, League Operators and APA staff over the years, not to mention all the amazing players I’ve had the opportunity to interact with.  It’s been a very rewarding career watching my business grow and being able to work the hours I choose.  There are so many aspects to this business—from financial recordkeeping to computer data entry to marketing and sales—that you can never get bored.

What do you enjoy most about being a League Operator?

Handing a player the very first trophy they have ever received in their entire life is about as enjoyable as anything in the world!  The interaction with the players, other League Operators and the APA staff keeps things fresh; you never know what you might learn.  Last year, my League finally reached a point where my wife was able to quit her job and help out full-time.  It’s great to be able to spend so much time with her.  I can’t imagine any other business where you spend so much time with your customers that they become like family to you. What more can a person ask for in life than to own your own business where you deal with your family every day?

Learn more about becoming a League Operator at https://poolplayers.com/franchise/!

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