Shane Van Boening

Van Boening has been ever-present for Team USA since making his Cup debut in 2007, and he was part of the team that won a memorable Mosconi Cup in 2009 – Team USA’s last victory.  Earlier in the year it looked like Van Boening would not make the team after issuing a statement on social media indicating he simply couldn’t dedicate the time needed to Ruijsink’s new selection process.  After a meeting in New Orleans over the summer, mediated by Billiard Digest publisher Mike Panozzo, the two were able to work through any differences they might have had about the process, and Van Boening was back in the fold.

Van Boening not only gives Team USA their best chance to win, but the younger players undoubtedly look to him for his experience and leadership, particularly as some of them compete in front of the raucous pro-European crowd at Alexandra Palace.


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