Vice-Captain: Jeremy Jones

Jones, 47, is a five-time Mosconi Cup champion who last competed for the USA in Malta in 2008. He was selected by Team Captain Johan Ruijsink for his knowledge, experience and leadership. Jones is determined to make a difference for Team USA this time around.

“I’m hoping some of my experience may be a helping hand for the guys. I feel my best asset to the team will be mostly mental. And, I’m sure some tactical things also. But, mainly the mentality and realizing everyone’s a little different. I’ve been around Johan and have had conversations prior to his invite to the team. We’ve obviously talked since and I like what I’m hearing. With me still competing here in the U.S. quite a bit, I feel like I know the guys and their games…with that, Johan’s experience and a talented bunch of fellas, we should have no excuses,” said Jones.

Jones, whose seven appearances came in a 10-year period (1999-2008), has plenty of winning experience and could prove crucial in bringing the U.S. team together.


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