Tyler Styer

Styer will make his Mosconi Cup debut at Alexandra Palace in December.  He has impressed Coach Ruijsink during this year’s team training camps, and, earlier this year scored a significant win over Niels Feijen at the International Open.

He joins Shane Van Boening, Corey Deuel, Sky Woodward and Billy Thorpe on the team.

Coach Ruijsink said, “This guy plays, eats and breaths pool. He has great fundamentals and an incredible knowledge already about all aspects of the game and is working hard to master them all.  He works out, does his mental training and plays hard. He hasn’t played all that many great events yet, but I am sure that this will not be a problem, as he showed playing his idol in the International Open and beating him decisively on the TV table.  Don’t tell me this guy can’t handle pressure,” said Ruijsink.


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