The real contenders for this year’s coveted U.S. Amateur Championship title began to emerge during the afternoon and into the evening Saturday at Strokers in Palm Harbor, Fla.

By the end of the day only four players remained undefeated.  That group included former champion David Rowell, defending champion Brian Parks and Jeremy Edwards of Granger, Ind., and Geoffrey Quezada of Arvada, Colo.  Rowel and Quezada will square off in the 11am round on Sunday, while Jeremy Edwards tries to derail Brian Parks “drive to 5” campaign for yet another U.S. Amateur Championship.

Other notables still alive in this year’s event include former champions Henry Brodt and Ernesto Bayaua.  Brodt was sent to the one-loss bracket late Saturday by Quezada.  Bayaua, who was sent to the one-loss bracket by Seth Krafchiz in the 1st Round, has been on a tear through the left side of the bracket ever since.  Both Brodt and Bayaua look to stay alive early Sunday morning.

Notables not advancing include former champions Kenny Brisbon (who placed 13th), Raymond Linares (17th) and Robert Hall (25th).

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