Timeline for the Franchise Approval Process

Step 1 – Submit A Request for Consideration

After you submit your online request for consideration, we will review it carefully to determine if we’re a good fit.  You can expect to hear from us in approximately two business days. Once your pre-application is approved, we’ll chat with you further about the franchise opportunity and discuss the financial commitment.

Step 2 – Application Follow-up with APA

After our initial discussion, a Confidential Franchise Application will be sent to you.

Step 3 – Submit Confidential Franchise Application

When you return the Confidential Franchise Application to us, we will initiate credit and criminal background checks.  After results come back, you will be contacted by telephone and a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is emailed to you for review.

Step 4 – Conversations with the Franchise Development Manager

At this point you will be contacted by the APA Franchise Development Manager to discuss the specifics of the franchise opportunity. You would now be sent a Franchise Disclosure Document. You will be required to contact a minimum of five League Operators to learn more about the business from their perspective, and then you would submit a summary of those conversations.  Thorough market research is also expected by all applicants.

Step 5 – Phone Interview and Discovery Day

After all of the information is reviewed, a phone interview is scheduled with the APA President, other key staff and you. A decision is made at this point whether or not to move forward; if so, a “Discovery Day” will be scheduled. This is a two day event at the National Office and is an opportunity for both parties to meet and further discuss the franchise opportunity. You will be asked to make a firm decision on moving forward and to make an initial deposit. Materials will be provided to you to prepare for training, and you will receive a copy of the franchise agreements.

There will also be a required session of interactive pool during this process.

Step 6 – Training Seminar

Training takes place in two sessions. The first session is a week long course, Monday through Saturday, designed to familiarize you with the APA system and the National Office Staff. You will be educated about APA procedures, marketing, league software and franchise management. Upon arrival for the first session you will sign your franchise agreements and pay remaining fees.

Following the first session of training, you will be required to complete a weekly series of 8 mandatory webinars. These webinars begin approximately 2 weeks after you return from Session 1 training.

Session two takes place approximately 6 months after your session one training. It is a three day course designed to further enhance your skills as an APA franchisee/ League Operator. It will be scheduled while you are in St. Louis for the session one training.

This entire process to become a League Operator can be completed within one month, or extended if necessary. Much of this depends on your own timeline.

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