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Testimonials from League Operators

With over 270 League Operators, the APA system is a proven success in the United States, Canada and Japan. Here are testimonials from some current APA franchisees about their experience.

I had played in the League for 14 years before I became a League Operator. I saw this as a great business to get into for planning our retirement and to help put two daughters through college. I have always wanted to be my own boss. Becoming an APA Franchisee has made my dream come true. We are able to learn from others through the Conventions and interaction with other League Operators – their support has been a great assistance. The opportunity to belong to an organization that has the fairest pool system has been great.

Richard & Nancy Whaley - League Operators of Lithopolis, Ohio

I’ve been a League Operator for the past twelve years and proud of it! I am very proud of what the APA has done for amateur pool and proud to be a part of such a reputable organization. We’re miles ahead of any competition and headed in the direction for even greater success.

Bruce & Ann Barthelette - League Operators of Chicopee, Massachusetts

Our APA Franchise offers a business that’s both profitable and fun to operate. Business meetings and annual Conventions are a pleasure to attend. I’m always confident that they will be informative and entertaining. The APA has a professional staff that provides us with excellent franchise support and marketing materials whenever we need them. Gloria and I both agree that our APA business is the foundation and cornerstone for our retirement. We look forward to many more years of being APA Franchise owners.

Tom and Gloria Gates - League Operators of Englewood, New Jersey

There are other leagues in my area and, by far, the APA is the largest and most reputable. The APA has a good track record nationwide. Their National Office backs up their reputation 100%. I get help from the Marketing Department and the Support staff are always there to assist me; the doors are never closed at the National Office.

Kim Jones - League Operator of Decatur, Illinois

CNN Interview with
APA League Operator

Tom Gates of Englewood, NJ

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